Simone Subal Gallery

Cameron Clayborn was born in 1992 in Pine Bluffs, AR. He lives and works in New Haven, CT. Solo exhibitions include: Art Basel Statements, with Simone Subal Gallery, Basel, Switzerland (forthcoming, 2020); Through the Wrong Tongue, Simone Subal Gallery, New York, NY (2019); and Bawdy, Boyfriends, Chicago, IL (2017). Group exhibitions include: FIAC, with Simone Subal Gallery, Paris (2019); Phallacies, Mildred’s Lane, Beach Lake, PA (2019); A Detached Hand, organized by Nicole Will, Magenta Plains, New York, NY (2019); White Columns Benefit Exhibition, White Columns, New York, NY (2019); Strained States, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL (2019); Performance Interventions, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL (2018); Superficial Paradise, Chicago Artist Coalition, Chicago, IL (2018); Defibrillator Inaugural, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL (2018); Hide and Go Chic, Rover Gallery, Chicago, IL (2017); SEX, Lawrence & Clark Gallery, Chicago, IL (2017); and Sweet Creature, Chicago Artist Coalition, Chicago, IL (2017).