Simone Subal Gallery

Luis Camnitzer, Robert Kinmont, Rosy Keyser, and Linda Matalon

July 5 to August 3, 2012

It is with great pleasure that Simone Subal Gallery announces the opening of Luis Camnitzer, Robert Kinmont, Rosy Keyser, and Linda Matalon on July 5, 2012.  The show runs until August 3, 2012.  There is an opening on Thursday, July 5 from 6 – 8 pm.  Please note the gallery’s summer hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 6 pm.

This intergenerational exhibition examines the way people and objects relate to their immediate environment.  It presents work that explores human physicality both conceptually as well as literally.  Central to the exhibition is the potential of specific gestures.  These acts, whether poetic or corporeal, reveal the manner in which simple interventions alter one’s sense of his or her surroundings.

Robert Kinmont brings these issues to the fore in two works: Just about the right size (1970/2008), a series of nine photographs showing the artist holding a variety of ordinary goods, and False Security 1 (2010), a seventy-five pound chunk of granite entrapped within a birch plywood box.  Linda Matalon’s beeswax coated sheets of paper are an arena for the appearance and disappearance of lines and shapes.  Her drawings create a complex inquiry into both pictorial scale and the way forms (or their absence) impinge upon one another.

Two photographic pieces by Luis Camnitzer demonstrate how a subtle gesture changes the perception of space.  In The Discovery of Geometry (1978/2008) a hand holds aloft a piece of cotton that at once becomes a “cloud” as well as a means to collapse perspectival order. The Invention of Rain (1978/2008) employs a similar conceit, albeit with a slightly more sinister tone.  Rosy Keyser’s new work destroys and rebuilds the conception of painting.  In the two pieces on view obdurate gestures define her compositions.  These tears in the canvas, or sawdust impressed upon the surface, enables the peripheral to define the entire pictorial space.